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You may have experienced a recent trend in wellness and spa experiences called “Floating.” This is becoming a popular activity where you lie minimally clothed in a salt water bath tank that encapsulates you in complete darkness without sound, and the feeling you experience is just like being weightless… floating on air.

The benefit of spa floating is that it can help you get into a deep, quiet meditative state of mind and decrease stress levels while bringing you into a state of deep relaxation.


Our Zerobody Dry Floating experience gives you the amazing benefits of spa floating but without needing to undress, being in the same salt water as the person before you, and then needing to take a shower after.

You begin your experience by lying down on the supportive surface of the bed. You listen to peaceful music to free your mind and have the option of a wearing a weighted eye mask and a soft blanket. As the therapy begins, you are lowered into the warm conditioned water. A soft membrane surrounds and cradles you for 100% support as you begin your journey into weightlessness. We recommend mindfully letting go of your thoughts and concerns while floating to gain the full regenerative and relaxation benefits. As the float session completes, you are gently lifted out of the water feeling truly rested, and the water around you rushes away upon your return “to Earth.” This is one of those therapies that you just can’t miss

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