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For more than 30 years, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy (PEMF therapy) has been studied extensively. The beneficial properties of PEMF therapy devices have been proven by many researchers. However, there is also anecdotal evidence of its benefits from the widespread use by many therapists, doctors and chiropractors.

NASA’s scientists are the most eager to learn more about PEMF and to put it into practice. NASA became interested in PEMF because astronauts began experiencing depression once they were away for a long time from the magnetic field that the Earth emits.


Through observation, NASA realized that the magnetic field’s frequency of 7.8 Hz has a positive benefit to our bodies. When we are not around this magnetic field for a long period of time, our body stops functioning properly. However, this magnetic field has been decreasing naturally in the last few thousand years. This decrease is happening too fast for our bodies and genes to adapt to it. Moreover, the presence of electro smog produced by microwaves, computers, smartphones and other tech devices can also disturb this balance in our bodies.

PEMF is important for restoring proper cellular function. These stresses can strain our cells, which can adversely impact their natural metabolism.

PEMF therapy can help to restore cellular health, by emitting healthy EMFs at beneficial frequencies. This is done by lying on a mat that emits these beneficial frequencies. Therapeutic PEMF devices are developed to enhance cellular energy through the stimulation of various electrical and chemical processes in our body, which boosts cell function and health. PEMF, therefore, is a simple, effective and fast way to strengthen the healing properties of every cell in our body.


According to space-based studies conducted by NASA, a balanced electromagnetic field not only has health benefits, but it is necessary for survival. An electromagnetic field is actually a necessity just like food, water and sleep. Our current high tech lifestyle exposes us to electro smog and EMF pollution. This can limit our exposure to the Earth’s beneficial magnetic field.


Clinical evidence shows that PEMF therapy has a very positive effect in decreasing the pain caused by sports injuries, burns, accidents, surgeries, degeneration, disease, etc. PEMF therapy can help improve these health issues in several different ways and on many different levels, such as chemical, magnetic, mechanical and electrical.


PEMF has also been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of bone damage, depression and joint pain.

In 1995, Siskin and Walker used clinical tests and found the following soft tissue benefits without side effects:

• Increased mobility

• Reduced pain
• Decreased inflammation
• Decreased muscle loss post-surgery
• Faster skin wound healing
• Improved ligament strength
• Faster nerve regeneration
• Improved capillary formation
• Reduced tissue necrosis

The Bioelectric Research Center at Columbia University in 1993 used PEMFs in a study and found that PEMF therapy could treat some serious musculoskeletal disorders including nerve regeneration, wound healing, diabetes, stroke, heart attack and many other conditions.


Overall, the effects of regular PEMF Therapy seem to have very positive benefits on overall health, healing and balance. PEMF Therapy may also counteract the negative effects of constant use of TVs, smartphones, and other external electromagnetic disturbances.

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