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Many are discovering the benefits and restfulness of Himalayan salt rooms. Himalayan salt is one of the purest forms of salt and glistens in the light. Our spa-like Himalayan salt room is lit from behind so you can see the many minerals and colors that give it such a warm and relaxing hue. This therapeutic experience can improve serotonin levels in the body which can have a positive effect on mood, your sleep, even your memory. The negative ions given off of the salt help to create a balancing effect in the body.


While many have reported a variety of health benefits including asthma relief, cough and congestion relief and even help with eczema and psoriasis, there’s no conclusive research that has been performed to prove this. We can, however, say that this therapeutic spa experience - combined with the gentle sounds of nature and a soothing massage chair while wrapped in a cozy blanket - will have you very quickly relaxed, rejuvenated, and wanting to come back!

You may also combine your Himalayan salt room time with a personal dose of HaloTherapy. This is a special machine that we prepare for you next to your massage chair that will pulverize a special, pure grade salt into a dry mist. Inhaling this salt mist has the potential to further reduce inflammation, fight infection, clear your respiratory airways, help with allergies, and overall make you feel good.

We highly recommend regular visits to our Himalayan Salt Room!

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