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Non-invasive, non-surgical laser for fat reduction.


Clinically proven, non-surgical fat treatment options use applicator pads that are placed on the abdomen and/or flanks to deliver light energy below the skin's surface, where it opens up the fat cells. The results look natural and will show a smoother, leaner, more contoured-looking midsection. This Lipo Laser therapy provides a high patient comfort level, and usually results in significant fat reduction. 


This Lipo Laser therapy will take ten minutes while you relax on a comfortable contoured bed and feel the warmth of the laser pads in your skin. There is no pain, swelling, tenderness or redness, so there is also no downtime. Unlike more invasive fat removal treatments, you can immediately go back to work, exercising, or whatever else your day holds.

9 therapy visits are recommended for maximum effectiveness with continued improvement for up to six months. Lipo Laser targets fat cells while sparing other tissues in the body. This light therapy uses specific wavelengths of light that open up pores in your fat cells. 

The fat is then released into your interstitial fluid and flushed out by your lymphatic system. The fat cells remain, they just shrink, therefore a more natural looking fat reduction. After therapy, we recommend 5 minutes on our vibration platform (included in your session) to help mobilize the fat, then moderate exercise for 30 minutes that day. 


• Quick results

• Treatment experience that is very comfortable

• Safe for all skin tones

• No downtime

• FDA cleared for therapeutic use 

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